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 This DVD set is like having your own golf pro available 24 hours a day to help you change your game for the better:

Dear Aspiring Golf Pro,

There's one well known truth about golf - everyone wants to play better.

Even top players gets frustrated with their game sometimes, Admittedly none of us are top golfers. But you always want to progress to the next level with your game. You need to know what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.

To put it another way, you want to stay on the fairways and greens and begin to make those putts, play off a lower handicap, And mainly to start winning golf games.

Whether you're a beginner, an occasional or regular player or a good club golfer, the 'Cheap Golf Tips' DVD Set will make a real difference to your game,and all in the privacy of your own home:

It provides you with essential golf tips, skills, and golf instruction in an easy-to-follow format. The straight-to-the-point golf tips and advice have been prepared by expert golf professionals in a way that's easy to see and understand, and can be put into practice immediately.

In fact you'll start to notice the difference in your game the very next time you play a round. I will guarantee that.

After all, it’s so easy to fall into bad habits isn’t it – and so many things can affect a shot.

•Club position

The list is almost endless, It could be you need to make major changes to your game, Or just a slight adjustment here and there. It could be something as simple as putting in a little extra thought before addressing the ball.

It could be about a lot of things. But whatever it is, with the right know how, it's something you can now put right. Quickly, easily and affordably:

Here is a tale of how the 'Cheap Golf Tips' dvds can help,

 Find out the 9 most common mistakes in golf by signing below

Malcolm always loved to play golf. What he didn't enjoy so much was losing all the time, here's his story:-

"I remember it clearly - standing at the first tee on our local course and whooosh - I sliced my first shot, It was so embarrassing, there I was going red listening to the muffled laughter of the pairs waiting their turn and of course I sensed the disdainful glances of the players already in the 19th hole,

And I decided there and then I was never going to play that course again until my game improved and my confidence returned, It wasn't just the slice that made me mad because I knew that I do have some good games, but they were getting further and further apart,

My handicap was beginning to look terrible and I spent more time in the trees than Tarzan, as for the bunkers which I visited quite often you would have thought I was trying to dig a hole to crawl into to hide my embarrassment as I tried to get the ball out,

Now even though I love the sport I was about to call it quits,I wasn't getting invites from my friends" to have a round of golf " anymore and I was feeling so low about my game the harder I tried the worse I got,I even tried golf lessons at the course but nothing seemed to help improve play because my confidence was shot.

Then I discovered (at a mates suggestion) an amazing, instructive DVD compilation of golfing tips that made me realise the exact mistakes I was making.

Amazingly! In less than 95 minutes of video golf lessons from the 'Cheap Golf Tips' dvd set, I felt more confident than I had for years, so confident in fact I rung my mate (who always beat me) to see if he fancied a round of golf,

I could hear the resignation in his voice but he did say yes, he said he would meet me at the course tomorrow,I couldn't wait, and was so excited when the time came as I knew I was going to surprise some people today

It was a sunny day with just a hint of a breeze.The tee was tossed - and came down pointing to my friend - so he played first, As usual a very good shot.

Then it was me. As I addressed the ball I recalled the posture and swing techniques I'd studied on the DVD and practiced in the privacy of my own home. I felt so relaxed and confident. It was a perfect swing and I hit the sweet spot - my ball flew straight as an arrow down the fairway and, after a second shot, it landed bang on the green.

I chuckled to myself as I saw my friend's jaw drop in amazement. I took another two strokes and came in one under par, whilst he took five to finish the hole.

'How did you do that?' he spluttered - I just smiled and said "Practice makes perfect" I wasn't going to reveal my secret - Well, not yet anyway

I continued to play the best, most relaxing round ever. And I did it with total confidence, authority and a little bit of flair! It was the most energising game I'd ever had. Obviously It wasn't perfect, I did manage to hit a bunker - but now I knew how to get out of it in a single stroke -it was beautiful!

By the time we reached the 19th hole my mate was stunned and demanding to know what had happened, how had I completely transformed my game in just a few weeks? I basked in his puzzlement! And then after he had bought the winner (me) a beer, I put him out of his misery and shared the secret behind my success."

Like Malcolm, you too can gain the golfing edge when you follow this no-nonsense, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point instructional DVD set… and all in just 93 fact-packed minutes.the dvd set consists of :-

DVD 1 - A-Z Golf - Long Game
Getting the first shot perfect sets you up for an enjoyable game - fluff this and it can be embarrassing and humiliating. Not any more!

•Avoid the four common mistakes that decimate even the most competent golfer's score
•Wrong posture kills your swing: discover the two crucial insights to perfecting your stance
•Get a grip: the right grip. Revealed: the pro's grips for golfing success; including the grips Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus used to become golfing champions
•Learn how to swing not sway - master this technique for consistent strokes
•Here's how to hit the sweet spot - every time
 golf swing

DVD 2 - A-Z Golf - Short Game
Now you're on the green you want to stay in control. Putt, chip and bunker shot mastery give you the advantage:

•Amaze your golf partner with your bunker handling prowess
•Avoid this biggest mistake in the bunker and you'll always get out first shot
•Handling impossible slope shots; up-slope, down-slope, hard pan lays - none of these will phase you when you use these professional techniques
•Discover how to get a sand save from the greenside bunker
•Lining up for the perfect putt
•When to putt and when to chip and run - know the difference
•How to judge distance and direction accurately
•Use these two practise drills to improve your performance

DVD 3 - A-Z Golf - Golf Practice
Now you're feeling more confident in your Long Game and Short Game it's time to follow the adage 'practice makes perfect'. But only if you practise the right moves. This DVD reveals:

•The actions you must take before play if you want a perfect drive off your first tee
•How to use a football to improve your golfing action
•How to improve your timing and connections
•The Ben Hogan techniques for getting distance and direction
•Five drills to bring you up to even par
•Useful training equipment makes your practise easier

FREE Bonus DVD - A-Z Golf - Course Management and Etiquette

Golf is a game steeped in history and tradition. With the 'Cheap Golf Tips' dvd set you can easily move your game to the next level and cut your handicap. The next thing is to sweeten your game more by becoming a well-regarded player at your club - and you can do that with the help of this valuable bonus DVD.

You'll enjoy your golf more when you are welcomed at any course; whether it is your local or an unfamiliar course you are visiting. The courtesy you show the other players; your 'golf etiquette' will shout volumes about you as golfer.

Golf etiquette is not only about good manners it's also about safety and consideration on the golf course.

All golf courses have their own idiosyncrasies; little traps to catch you out. Some have sloping fairways; others have hazards such as lakes or immoveable obstructions. Having local knowledge helps your game - but more important is how you use that local knowledge. What shots to use; how and when to use straight shots; when is a fade or draw more appropriate?

On this FREE Bonus DVD you discover:
•How to use the whole tee-box to avoid trouble
•How to keep to the fairway and avoid the rough
•When to use a draw, fade or curve shot - and how to set up
•How to handle fairway slopes
•How this one simple action before chipping to the green gives you greater control
•How following these putting etiquettes avoids game-losing penalties
Find out how to formulate your course strategy; play to the strengths of the course and accommodate the weaknesses. Avoid making an unforgivable faux pas in the all-important golf etiquette. And establish your reputation as a highly skilled and considerate player who is welcomed onto any course.

You will join PGA Pro Jonathan Jacobson in his“office” - a stunning golf course in Cape Town as step by easy step you will build up your golfing knowledge and confidence

There are plenty of hints and tips for you to practice at home to improve your posture and swing, so you’ll feel more relaxed and natural when you get on the course
And you will be shown how to get around the many hazards on a golf course

You’ll become familiar with the rules to be observed when putting, so you don’t incur unwanted penalties through ignorance, or upset your fellow players.
I’ll let you into the secrets to dealing with slopes and uneven ground so you can make the best shots possible,

And show you how to dig yourself (and your ball) out the type of trouble where even the Pro’s get stuck!
golf swing

Sounding good so far?

well also with this pack not only do you get the dvds there are also some bonus Items which I hope will also help your game

You will receive a 45 minute audio interview with PGA pro Michael Robichaud talking about the game of golf,equipment, etiquette and many other things that you need to know when starting, you will also receive a written transcript of the interview for your enjoyment:(worth £4.99)

You get a very interesting ebook called golf secrets which has such information as
The Basics
The Grip
Your Stance
The Backswing
No Arms Drill
Driving the Ball
Fairway Shots
Trouble Shots

plus much more (worth £9.99)

In your cheap golf tips 4 dvd pack you will find a 2 for 1 discount golf voucher that can be used at over 1000 Courses in UK and Ireland:
(worth ££££'s)


You can order these dvds with complete peace of mind as you are covered by my 28 day money back guarantee, if after watching the dvds you decide you have learnt nothing and they cannot help you then just send them back to me and I will refund you straight away without question and you can still keep the 3 bonuses:

One of the great advantages of these dvds is the fact that
you can learn at your own pace in the privacy of your own home

If, like a lot of us, you don’t have a lot of spare time (or money) to spend taking lessons, then investing in the 4 DVD set “Cheap Golf Tips” will give you your own PGA Pro right there in your living room!,
Plus you can re-play, re-wind, pause and practice everything I show you – again and again until you’ve become an expert
How valuable is that?

Which brings us on to the subject of cost…..
You probably know how expensive those Pro’s fees at your local club are per hour,
so you’ll be delighted to hear that the cost of the 4 DVD set “Cheap Golf Tips” will cost you a lot less than a course of lessons !!!

You see, whereas normally these DVD’s will retail at £97.00 a set, we decided to sell them for £54.99 but now we have had a change of plan and have some stock to shift to make way for a brand new project:

So here’s the deal….....

We are determined to help a lot of people improve so we have set the price for the“Cheap Golf Tips” 4 DVD set to just
£35.99!!!! inc postage

You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this fantastic offer, so just click the button below and grab your 4 DVD set and bonuses right now
Believe me,this is the real deal, so grab your chance now and don't forget your satisfaction is guaranteed,

I know this set will improve your overall golf game
, so I hope you enjoy them:

Good Luck and keep hitting those greens

                   Kevin R

P.S  Don't forget after you buy, watch the dvds and if you don't think they can help your game within 28 days then just return them to me and you will receive a no hassle full refund:

P.P.S.  You will receive a 45 min interview with Michael Robichaud with a written transcript as well

You get a very interesting ebook called golf secrets as well

P.P.P.P.S. You will receive a 2 for 1 discount golf voucher that can be used at over 1000 Courses in UK and Ireland:

So just click the button above and improve your golf game in  under 95 mins

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